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ICWPT 2017

2019 4th International Conference on Water Pollution and Treatment (ICWPT 2019)
Rome, Italy, 16-18 July, 2019

Group Photo

Speaker I


Prof. Zhijun Peng
University of Bedfordshire, UK

Topic: “Oxyfuel Combustion with CCS for Water Transport Powertrain with Zero-Carbon Emissions”

Speaker II


Prof. Eng. PhD Marco Casini
SAPIENZA University of Rome, Italy

Topic: “Architecture 4.0: advanced materials technology and tools for the new era of the Construction Industry Emissions”

Speaker III


Prof. Zoltán Pásztory
University of Sopron, Hungary

Topic: “Experience in a low-energy, environmentally conscious building in Mirrorpanel project”


Keynote Speeches


Session 1-Topic: Solar Energy Utilization
Best presentation-R0036
Solar energy harvesting and water production of a portable solar-powered desalination (SPD) unit using vacuum membrane distillation process
Achmad Chafidz, Fadilla Noor Rahma, Siti Nurkhamidah, Cholila Tamzysi, Saeed Al-Zahrani
Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia
Session 2-Topic: Energy Storage
Best presentation-R0016
Multi-dimensional evaluation of low and high temperature electrolysers for capturing non-transportable renewable electricity
Aruna Chandrasekar, Damian Flynn, Eoin Syron
University College Dublin, Ireland
Session 3-Topic: Water Resources and Energy
Best presentation-R8020
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of phosphorus model parameters in large shallow lakes
Yuanyuan Shi
Hohai University, China
Session 3-Topic: Water Resources and Energy
Best presentation-R1014
Evaluation for the influences of cellulose and lignin products on catalytic steam gasification of biomass
Ahsanullah Soomro, Shiyi Chen, Wenguo Xiang
Session 4-Topic: Water Treatment Technology
Best presentation-R8014
Impact of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration and DPAOs:Nitrifiers Population Ratio On Nutrient Removal in EBPR Process
Masuduz Zaman, Xiaoguang Liu, George Nakhla
Western University, Canada
Session 5-Topic: Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction
Best presentation-R0039
Technology evaluation of zero-carbon power generation systems in Japan in terms of cost and CO2 emissions
Toshihiro Inoue and Koichi Yamada
Japan Science and Technology Agency, Japan


Best Oral Presentations